The Dixie Pig – Oakland Park, FL – Robyn Medlin

The Dixie Pig

4495 N Dixie Hwy

Oakland Park, FL 33334-3819

Dixie Pig BBQ


Hailing from North Carolina, I was quite surprised and delighted to find Eastern Style North Carolina BBQ in Fort Lauderdale. Anyone who has been to South Florida knows that the further South you get in this state, the less Southern it is, so finding a place that does down home BBQ and sweet tea is a real treat.


The Dixie Pig does the vinegar based pulled pork as is typically found in Eastern North Carolina BBQ. (FYI, Western or Lexington style NC BBQ is a tomato and vinegar base). I had pulled pork sandwich and it came naked so you can actually taste the meat.


The restaurant provides an array of sauces that can be doused on your BBQ as their meat is served naked so you can savor the true taste of the meat. Their signature sauce is a vinegar and pepper sauce that is wonderful doused on your sandwich but is equally wonderful doused on your fries (think fish and chips style, yall!). They also offer a more traditional sugary tomato based sauce (Memphis style) and a mustard based sauce (SC Style, think of Maurices BBQ). I’m partial to the spicy vineger base.


Dixie pig offers an array of sides such as

coleslaw, fried okra, hushpuppies and fries. They also serve breakfast from their counter, which is a great deal for anyone working in the area with a hearty appetite.


I really enjoyed the BBQ and atmosphere at Dixie Pig but I must say, I was disappointed in their coleslaw. Good BBQ needs to have a good slaw to go with it. Their mayonais-ey concoction almost ruined my sandwich. I had to cut mine with large amounts of tobasco and the vinegar sauce to make it more to my liking and a better fit for the meat.


Dixie Pig is probably one of the few places you can get banana pudding in South Florida, and for that very reason I will return. The lady at the counter in the blue eyeshadow and big hair made the experience all more memorable, not to mention the colorful nature of Oakland Park Florida. I bought a bottle of the vinegar sauce and plan on using it as a base for some cole slaw. If it turns out well, I will share it with them and hope for the best. Lord knows they have plenty of vinegar in that joint and can give that mayo a break.


Robyn Medlin

2 Responses to “The Dixie Pig – Oakland Park, FL – Robyn Medlin”

  1. on 07 Feb 2010 at 4:31 pm Memphis Girl

    Definitely go back. I had been going to Dixie Pig for years for the pork sandwich. I share your same opinion of the great sandwich, vinegar sauce and unfortunately, the not-so-great coleslaw. It wasn’t until recently that someone said they have won a lot of awards for their ribs. I’m from Memphis so I didn’t hold out a lot of hope. They are awesome! I’d put them up against most of the ribs in Memphis! (But no, they don’t beat “12 Bones” in Asheville!) When you go back though, try the ribs!

  2. on 03 Jun 2012 at 11:16 am John

    I’m from Fort lauderdale and maved to Western North Carolina for a while and now back i’ve been lookng for some good bbq so i will definatly try this out. Thanks

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