Boner’s BBQ – Atlanta, Ga – Brad Nevin

Boner’s BBQ

Cinco de Mayo, 2011

Last night was one of those nights where everything just falls into place.  The boys at are fired up for summer and a long awaited trip to Boner’s BBQ by Turner Field was finally here.  The Braves were going for a 4 game sweep of the Brew Crew so we figured Cinco de Mayo and all…let’s do this.

We parked at Boner’s BBQ which is about 100 yards from the Ted and ordered up some Q: ribs, mexican corn, 420 baked beans, a pork taco and a pulled pork sammy were on the menu tonight.  We hit the liquor store next door for beer, it’s BYOB right now but they’re working on their liquor license, and went up to the HUGE roof top deck which was built for camera crews during the 1996 Olympics.  You can see everything from up there, from the stadium all the way to the city skyline.

First the ribs…3 gigantic baby backs with tons of the spicy rub coating the outside; there’s more meat on these than just about any I have come across.  Very good although I told the staff there they might want to cut them for the folks who are not keen on pulling their ribs apart.  I found the thicker, sweet sauce went quite well with them, and I did my usual skinning of the bone until there was nothing left.  The corn was coated in butter and cilantro and we got two small ears a piece…nice quantity.  My cohort had the pork sammy with slaw; what I liked was that it came on two dinner rolls instead of a big bun like most, and I love slaw on pork sandwiches!  It was solid and I think the vinegar sauce would go very nicely with this one.  The 420 baked beans are a mix of Continue Reading »

Coleman’s BBQ – Senatobia, MS – CRASH

Coleman’s BBQ Senatobia, MS

In the hundreds of times that I have made the drive to Tunica from Oxford, there was never any reason to pull off on the Senatobia exit.  In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that if I lived in Senatobia that there wouldn’t be a reason for me to pull off on the Senatobia exit, and yet, today, I found a reason to travel there.

It was getting late and I was getting hungry, as that 3 o’ clock sun poured in my windshield, I figured it was time for one of my favorite meals of the day…Linner.  Linner is a beautiful mixture of Lunch and Dinner; not quite as romantic as Brunch, but just as satisfying nonetheless.

I’d like to say that some serendipitous, cosmic force drew me to Coleman’s BBQ as I kept my eyes peeled for a BBQ joint in uncharted land, but I knew that being this close to the heart of BBQ country and in the middle of a small country town that there had to be some local joint that slung some swine.I was happy that I found Coleman’s a local BBQ & breakfast joint, buried in the sea of chain burger joints and gas stations, pulled into to the building that also housed a Domino’s pizza, and headed in for a quick bite.

I went up to the counter and ordered a Continue Reading »

Gibson’s Bar-B-Q – Axel Tegtmeier – Huntsville, AL

Gibson’s Bar-B-Q (Huntsville, AL, Whitesburg Drive)

The Gibsons are for BBQ in Northern Alabama what the Kennedys are for politics in New England – not only a dynasty, but an aristocracy.It all began in Decatur, Alabama in the 1920s, when Big Bob Gibson began cooking BBQ in his backyard and soon after opened a regular restaurant.In 1956, his daughter Velma came to Huntsville with her husband and they opened a BBQ restaurant there, on a dusty road in the middle of cotton fields, what once would become Huntsville’s Memorial Parkway. Since then, ownership passed through four generations of the family and they opened a second restaurant, not very far from the original place, on Whitesburg Drive. There is also place in Huntsville that is called David Gibson Barbeque, on Bob Wallace Avenue, which is run by Continue Reading »


ROUTE 7 GRILL – slow-smoked barbeque and fire-grilled items using hickory and other local hardwoods.

The Route 7 Grill, listed as one of America’s best farm-to-table restaurants in Gourmet Magazine, announces new executive chef Jim Gop, who started his post on March 28.

“Jim is passionate about ingredients – especially from local farmers and producers. His understanding of cooking low and slow meshes perfectly with our philosophies related to Slow Food and Berkshire Grown,” said owner Lester Blumenthal. “Everything we serve, including stocks, soups, dressings and desserts are made from scratch and we are thrilled to have Jim on board to help lead our committed, experienced team on our mission.”
Route 7 Grill makes the most of what the Berkshires has to offer by serving a wide array of foods from local farmers and producers, as well as their own kitchen garden. Their focus is on preserving local farming traditions and all of their meats are naturally raised from local farms or small family farms.
Jim Gop graduated from Continue Reading »

Hottie Hawg’s BBQ – Atlanta, Ga – Brad Nevin

Hottie Hawg’s BBQ

I recently met a friend for lunch at the new Hottie Hawg’s BBQ on the west side off Bolton Rd.  They have a huge smoker on a trailer out back and I was sure that was a good sign as I eased in to the place.  Nice bar with liquor, spacious set up with plenty of room for big and small parties to dine.  They have a mustard sauce and a sweet, thicker BBQ sauce with a slight kick to it.  We had some smoked wings to start but at this point, the only wings I like are Fox Bros…it’s just a fact that those are the best wings in Atlanta.  I had the pulled pork plate with beans and potato salad while my friend had the sliced brisket with Brunswick stew and collards.  The pork was awesome, nice and warm with big chunks of bark and tender smoked meat; I tried his brisket and I’ll say it was very good as well…huge portions!  The beans were not sweet like a backyard BBQ; they were black and pinto with out all the sweet which was a nice change of pace actually.  The potato salad was great; you just need to try it out for yourself.  I’m not a Texas Toast fan but you get a big slice of that with your meal and I’ll say this trip to Hottie Hawg’s filled me up and was pretty impressive.  The mustard sauce on the pork was a nice change since we don’t see the mustard around here too much.

We were waited on by some cute young ladies who were dressed for summer time on a rather cold day.  Oh well, it’s nice to have some scenery while feasting on your BBQ lunch!  They did a good job with this place; it’s a joint but done up nicely and I’ll definitely go back in the future.  Give it a try…I give it an A minus.