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Pooles’s BBQ

Pools BBQ

This past weekend, some old friends from grade school and I ventured up to Ellijay, GA to catch up with each other and enjoy the outdoors.  We rented a killer 3 level mountain home and took a couple of days to relax and play some golf.  On the way up on Friday afternoon, we had our eyes peeled for a BBQ joint, and we certainly found a unique one at Poole’s off 515 in near Ellijay.

This place has been around for a while, and they have newspaper clippings and all kinds of pictures on the walls and tables letting you know that it is very well known…at least in the area.  A friendly girl at the counter took our order right as we walked in, and she mentioned that folks love the Brunswick Stew and that the slaw had vinegar in it…not enough if you ask me, but it was fine.  We all ordered pork plates with 2 sides ranging from onion rings to slaw to fries to stew.  The food is pretty good; nothing fancy as you can see from the pictures, but I was famished and it was very enjoyable.  The pork is better than average and comes topped with a nice, thick BBQ sauce.  They have a sweet and a spicy, and both go well with the pulled pork.  I made a sandwich by asking for buns instead of the buttery Texas Toast that comes with the plate.  My crew enjoyed theirs as well, and we were full and ready to continue our journey.

To the right of Poole’s, there is a big hill with all kinds of paper pigs stuck in the ground…I believe with your name on it once you dine at Poole’s.  There is a cool outdoor covered eating area and an old Poole’s BBQ wagon sitting beside it which definitely adds to the funkiness of the place.  The service was quick and friendly; definitely give this place a shot if you are in north GA in the future.  I give the food a B, the service an A and the joint itself an A for character.


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