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The Smokehouse – Greenville, AL – Bradley Ezell

The Smokehouse I-65, Exit 128   Greenville, AL     Anyone who has traveled I-65 in southern Alabama has heard of/seen/eaten at the Smokehouse.  For my money, it’s the only place to stop for food during that whole boring 165 mile stretch between Montgomery and Mobile.  I decided to stop there one Friday on a […]

Saws BBQ – Homewood, AL – Wade Wilson

A disclaiming preface to my first blog entry: I am by no means an expert, but I am a self-professed aficionado of barbecue:   Politics, religion, and barbecue discussions can get you into trouble in the Southeast United States. There is such a plethora of regional (and sub-regional) variations of barbecue and barbecue sauces. Different […]

O’Tasty BBQ Restaurant – Brundidge, AL – Ian Marshall

 O’Tasty BBQ On a recent trip to Enterprise, Alabama for the 2009 Bamajam concert series, I could not resist stopping at O’Tasty BBQ Restaurant in Brundidge.  I passed 2 other BBQ restaurants and as soon as I saw O’Tasty, I just about slammed on the brakes…I was going to get the biggest pork sandwich they had […]

BBQ Shack – Dothan, Alabama – Bradley Ezell

BBQ Shack 2122 S Brannon Stand Rd (corner of Brannon Stand and Fortner) Dothan, AL 36305       Dothan is a nice sized city with several BBQ places.  Riding around town I saw one place with potential which was Dobb’s Barbecue and another place that could be mistaken for a pizza parlor named Smokey Joe’s.  […]

Leo & Susie’s Famous Green Top Barbecue – Dora, Alabama – Ian Marshall

 Leo & Susie’s Famous Green Top Barbecue Cafe On a recent trip to Mississippi for Oxford’s famous Double Decker weekend, I stopped off at one of my favorite BBQ joints.  Leo & Susie’s Famous Green Top Barbecue Cafe brings back so many fond memories.  I grew up in Atlanta and went to School at Ole […]