HENRY’S SMOKEHOUSE – Greenville, SC – Jill Sutton


STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND GO!!! It’s so good that my girlfriend (from the South) in Houston regularly orders it in bulk to appease the never-ending requests from all of the he-man contractors she works with at the Marathon Oil refinery who you’d think would look down on our Southern bbq! I usually get pulled pork, but also love to settle in with a helping of their warm and wonderful hash and rice or Brunswick stew on a cold day, and my husband can hammer their smoked chicken down to a clean bone! As well, enough good cannot be said of all of their sides – baked beans, green beans, potato-salad-to-die-for, sweet potato casserole (a sublime accompaniment to the hash or stew), cole slaw perfection, but my absolute personal favorite – although my health consciousness doesn’t allow me to order them as often as I would like – are their fresh-cut frenchfries that they rightly serve with malt vinegar; and my husband has instructed that I’d better not Continue Reading »

Gridley’s Fine Bar-B-Q – Bartlett, TN – Crash

Gridley’s Fine Bar-B-Q

In a town of big name BBQ places such as, Rendezvous, Corky’s, and Neely’s, it’s easy for some small gems to get lost in the mix.  It seems as though these places have been around forever and the old and wise still keep the young and arrogant in their place by serving what the people expect and never stray from the recipe for their success.  However, in my pork filled adventure through the BBQ capital of the world, I found a place that has not only the elements from a fine establishment, but also the elements of an epic tale of family, success, adventure, death, failure, and rebirth.
Traveling down Stage Rd. in Bartlett to a favorite pizza joint of mine, Jimmy’s Hot Dogs, which serves traditional thin and deep dish Chicago style Pizza, Chicago Dogs, and Italian Beef Sandwiches, I spotted a place in a strip mall whose name struck me as familiar but couldn’t really understand why.
I did a little research before my trip.  There weren’t a lot of Continue Reading »

Michelbob’s BBQ – Naples, FL – Braddog

Review: Michelbob’s BBQ, Naples, FL

My folks are snow birds and spend most of the winter in South Florida.  They’ve often spoken about a BBQ place that they like called Michelbob’s.  They’ve even brought me a jar of their rub, which I enjoyed.  I reviewed their rub here.
Well finally I had the chance to visit their place in Naples and eat at Michelbob’s while we were there.
Since my folks have eaten there, they’ve acquired a Big Green Egg and I’ve shown them a little bit about how to prepare ribs.  I think they were surprised that the ribs weren’t quite as good as they’d remembered.  I have to agree with their revised opinion of the place and say that the ribs weren’t all that great.
The place is typical of mot BBQ joints.  There’s lots of vintage Coca-Cola hardware decorating the walls, the floors and walls are rustic, and the menu is pretty standard BBQ fare.  There are several mentions in the lobby and on the menu to having “Championship Ribs” and of the restaurant being voted “Best in South Florida”.  I didn’t see any other BBQ joints in Naples or Continue Reading »

Burger King’s New Ribs – Crash

Burger King’s New Ribs

There are a few shows on television that feature men (always men, women aren’t stupid enough to do childish things like this) that travel around the world and eat local gross and interesting weird cuisine shit.   It never surprises me that these conquistadors of cuisine always take a bite and say how surprisingly delicious a partially developed chicken egg or  a drink made from chewed and spit back out Kava root is.

It wouldn’t be good television if they put something in their mouth and spit it out in disgust, so, instead, they smile and praise the indigenous people for their delicacy.  I, however, am going to eat one of the most unheard of dishes know to man, just for you mybbqblog.com readers and give you truth.  I am going to give you a review of a dish that sounds so strange that it almost sounds made up; a dish that while easily found seems as though it should be as elusive as the Northeastern Sasquatch…dear readers, I’m talking about Burger King Fire Grilled Ribs.

When I first heard that Burger King was starting to sell bone-in ribs, my first reaction was that it was a joke, but when I realized that my friend was telling the truth, my feelings quickly changed to that of sheer and utter disgust.  I can’t believe

that some marketing genius had the guts to bring that up in a meeting and all of the other people thought that it was a great idea.  If that was the best idea that they had, I would’ve loved to have been in that meeting just to see the stuff that got voted down, because eating ribs from Burger Kings seems to be just as appetizing to me as going down on my own grandmother.

I started to feel bad because of all the assumptions I was making and decided that in the spirit of BBQ that I would be the blog pioneer and venture into fast food BBQ, so I drove to Burger King on Sunday to grab some lunch. Being in Memphis, I felt like someone that flew to Italy and ate at Olive Garden, but  I did it on Sunday because I felt that if I needed to go to church and ask for forgiveness then I could drive straight there and receive my penance.

I walked up to the counter and ordered the 8 piece rib meal which included a small fry and small drink for the shocking price of $9.99 (before tax and tip) which isn’t a bad price for a half slab of ribs.  The tax rate in Memphis is 9% and the tip was, “walk out of the door and never come back in here”, so the total damage was $10.91 and a little self esteem.

I ordered it to go, not because I was in a hurry, but because

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Fat Larry’s BBQ & Southern Favorites – Bartlett, TN – Crash


 Fat Larry’s 


Walking into Fat Larry’s and trying to decide if it’s a Meat and 3 that serves BBQ or a BBQ joint that offers a wide variety of veggies is like trying to figure out if your intelligent girlfriend is smokin’ hot or if your gorgeous beau is brilliant…it really doesn’t matter, just enjoy the fact that you’re part of the equation.

The smell of hickory brightened my day as waitress who was cleaning a table looked up for a short second to tell me to sit wherever I liked.  I looked around and decided to grab a seat at a four top next to the window and another waitress arrived from the back and asked if I wanted the BBQ menu or order off of the veggie menu which was modestly written in dry erase marker and hanging on the wall.  While the choice of BBQ Bologna, Country Fried Steak and gravy, and Chicken and Dressing looked really appetizing, I opted for the BBQ menu and a sweet tea.

Fat Larrys app

The BBQ menu offered the normal menu items that average places have, pulled pork, ribs, sandwiches, plates, but did offer a Memphis rarity…brisket; there was also rib-eyes, filets, and catfish.

The appetizer section advertised

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