Matt Booth

Hello, I’m Matt. I hate writing Bio’s but Ian thinks its a good idea so here you go.

I met Ian a few years ago at work. I noticed he left about the same time I did every day, 12 noon, and came back an hour later. I found out he was leaving to eat. I was doing the same thing. We became friends. Through Ian I met Brad. He was the same way. We have to eat every day, multiple times a day. This has helped us bond and we felt the best way to deal with our affliction is to write about it. Barbecue being one of our favorite foods, we started a barbecue blog.
I’m in sales and travel all over the Southeast. This gives me the chance to sample many different barbecue restaurants, which I can then relay my findings onto you.

Let me be clear on something. I am not a foodie. I don’t know what the five mother sauces are. I have gotten emails from people letting me know how little I know about food. They are right. What I do know is that I really like barbecue and have opinions on it. My goal is to write an opinion on a restaurant that is both useful and fun to read. I have the point of view of your basic white boy, and I think if I like something, my taste is good enough that you can feel confident that you will like it too.

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