Brad Nevin

Brad Nevin


Brad Nevin


Born: Tuscaloosa, AL


Education:  BA University of Alabama


Resides:  Atlanta, GA


Career:  Real Estate


Interests:  Religion, Music, Travel, Sports, Food (BBQ)


 Brad’s BBQ Reviews

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  1. on 04 Mar 2010 at 9:41 am John Macon


    It has been a while, and I hope all is well. I enjoy the site, great incite for hometown and travel BBQ. I have hit several locations due to the reviews and will hit more as I travel. I am heading down to the coast this weekend to check out the BBQ Contest in Pensacola. Should make for some great BBQ and pictures. It’s not quite in the wheel house of the site, but thought I might offer up some pictures at least, editorial if wanted.


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