Sticky Fingers – Chattanooga, TN – Matt Booth

Stickey Fingers

Sticky Fingers

2031 Hamilton Place Blvd.

Chattanooga, TN  37421

The last time I reviewed a chain (Texas Roadhouse), I was sorely disappointed. While in Chattanooga the other day, I decided to try another one and this time had a great meal. I ate at Sticky Fingers in Chattanooga, and everything about the food was good. As you can see from the picture, the portions were nice. I would rather the sides be on the plate and not measured out in a small dish, but no biggie. They even took awhile to serve me, but were so cool about it, I didn’t care. No restaurant is perfect all the time. So onto the food.

I got baked beans and collards on the side and they were both great. I’m grading on a small curve since this is a chain, but even still, the sides tasted good. The chicken was evenly cooked and slightly crispy on the outside. The best part of the meal to me was the sauce. They have several on the table, and I tried them all. Their sauce really is special. It has a special taste and kick to it that I hadn’t had before. Before long, I was pouring a little sauce on every bite. If you go, try them all, you might surprise yourself and like something you are normally not into.

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