Angie’s BBQ – Georgia – Jason Key

Angie’s BBQ – located at the Chateau Elan exit on I-85 (~45 mins N or ATL) 


It was Friday afternoon and we were heading up to Asheville looking for some lunch on the road.  Hark! A sign indicating BBQ just ahead at the next exit!  Could life get any better????  Well, we found the place (about 1.5 miles off the interstate) in a brand new strip mall, but I wasn’t going to let that bring me down.  When we went inside, I noticed the requisite Dale Sr and Dale Jr pictures on the wall, as well as a cheap sketch of Amen corner.  Things seemed to be looking good!  I took a look at the menu and immediately ordered the “Smokehouse Special” – A chopped BBQ sandwich on toast with slaw and a tomato.  Although I had never had a tomato on BBQ, I was open to this interpretation.  Now, let’s take a look at the sides (uh oh!).  They had fries, hushpuppies, potato chips, green beans, potato salad and macaroni salad –  but no stew, no greens, no ocra, no mac&cheese!!!  I was a bit discombobulated by the

list and decided to order the macaroni salad….


Now it’s off to the bathroom for a quick pee and the 2nd sign that this BBQ joint may not have been a straight shooter.  The bathroom was immaculate!!!  It was so clean, I would have had no issues eating my meal in there, had time permitted.  Christine and I both commented the same as we exited the restroom – wow!  How clean!


We got our meals and hit the road back in the car.  Now I will give a break to BBQ, as it’s not designed or recommended to eat it in a car on the highway, but this stuff was lacking.  The meat was tender and moist (nice), but there was ZERO flavor, ZERO smoke, and the sauce was Kraftish.  Not to knock Q that’s made at home in the oven or crock pot, but this had a similar taste and consistency.  However, it lacked any type of spice or rub that one might add to homemade.  I actually think this group makes better oven/crock-pot Q than this place served.  A disappointment when you order a “smokehouse special” at a BBQ joint.  I would not recommend this place and was planning to give it a “C” (the worst score I have given BBQ)


Until Sunday morning…. as I was laying in bed half asleep thinking of the BBQ mistakes that Angie’s had made, I kept coming back to one explanation….. Was this place attempting the impossible and completely asinine task of franchising a BBQ joint???? Could it be????  Hmmmmmmm –   That could explain:

Clean bathrooms

Bad sides

Strip Mall locale

Tasteless BBQ

Highly repeatable/generic decorations throughout


But a quick peruse of the internet this morning left me with no good leads as a chain – maybe it’s just not that good!!!


 – Jason, Carla, Christine.

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