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After a week long trip to Nashville, I was on my way back to Atlanta and saw a large billboard for Bar-b-cutiesBar-b-cuties and I have to say, I was a tad bit interested…I kept thinking, was it like the Hooters of BBQ? Well, if you are wondering, it was not…but the meat made up for that.

The restaurant was clean and staff was extremely helpful. Although I love the traditional pork plate, I always like to try new meals when I see them on a menu…whether it is a BBQ potato, salad or melt in this case. What a great idea…Pork, cheese, squeezed between pressed hot Texas like toast. I am sold…what a great sandwich. I also ordered a regularBar-b-cuties Nashville (large) pork sandwich for the road. The sandwich was also excellent. The pork was tender with a light smoke taste and was great even without any sauce.
The side of Baked Beans was also top notch. From what I understand there are bar-b-cuties throughout the east coast and if they are all held to the same standards of the one just outside of Nashville, I would recommend you head over there for a lunch or dinner.

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  1. on 18 Nov 2008 at 6:13 pm Charles Cox

    I agree with you! This Nashville location on Donelson Pike just north of the airport, what a great bunch of folks. The food is sensational! Have you given the pork sandwich on cornbread a try?

    I am out of Houston, TX and whenever flying into or out of Nashville, Bar-B-Cuties is on my must stop list. Have taken 4 regulars in a togo box onboard back to Houston. My wife loves the pork sandwiches also!

    In fact, I’ll be there this Friday morning picking up another togo box for my flight to HOU!

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