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DBA Barbeque
Atlanta, GA

dba bbq, Atlanta BBQ

Last week we ventured down to Virginia Highland to sample the new DBA Barbeque. They have a great covered patio which really appeals to the neighborhood…lots of young professionals and families that live within walking distance to the restaurant.  This place serves more than BBQ, but we had to stick with what we know…especially to get a good review for the website.  We started with some Rib Tips…pretty good, but nothing overwhelDBA BBQ Virginia Highlandming.  They offer two sauces: Sweet and Spicy; I truly liked them both but again, nothing that blew me away.  I had the pork sandwich on Texas Toast; honestly I am not a big fan of buttery Texas Toast for the bread of my sandwich, but I managed.  The pork was decent…a little dry and not freshly pulled, but the toast just did not go well with it.  I am a fan of a nice, soft white roll in the traditional sense.  The collards were very good though, and I know my collards.  They were spicy already and did not need much pepper sauce at all.  The service was solid, and the beers were cold.  I really love the location, but if this place is gonna call itself a BBQ restaurant, they need to step it up a little.  I think I have the bar set a little too high for most places, but I like what I like!  Check out DBA Barbeque for a great patio scene and a good place to pregame before going out in VA Highland.

What Are your thoughts? Have you been to DBA BBQ?

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  1. on 04 Aug 2009 at 12:31 pm Martin

    I agree somewhat with your assessment, but I’m going to be a bit more critical.

    I thought the ribs were a little too “fall off the bone”. When I tried to pick up a bone, there was not a single piece of meat attached. This is a pretty clear indication that they have either been boiled or steamed. While tender is the goal, taking shortcuts to get to tender (boiling or steaming) doesn’t work well. I also thought the meat lacked any real smoke flavor.

    I agree with your take on the pulled pork, it was a little dry. Probably due to being pulled early. I also thought the pork lacked good smoke. I’m guessing that they do not actually smoke any of their meat but instead use a cooker which allows them to add a log or two in the process, but takes away from the real flavor.

    The sauced were acceptable – not anything to take to back North Carolina, but they didn’t offend me.

    The sides weren’t bad, but I go to BBQ for the meat and if you can’t get good meat, then why waste your time.

    Besides all that – great patio, great service and great location – if they would fix their food, I would go back all the time!

  2. on 14 Sep 2010 at 1:03 pm Dry Cleaning Delivery Service Atlanta

    I drive by DBA Barbeque a few times a week and have stopped by several times. I generally agree with the posts above. The onion rings are HUGE and wonderful and the stew is above average with large pieces of okra which I love.

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