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Review: Bar-B-Cutie
For many years, my uncle and I would travel to Talladega, AL for the Winston Cup races.  It became a tradition for us to stop in Franklin, TN and eat BBQ at Herbert’s.  So when I headed south with my family for vacation this year, I was anxiously anticipating a stop at Herbert’s for dinner.
However, I was very dissappointed to find that Herbert’s has closed and a new strip mall stands where the restaurant once served up some might fine “Q”.  I was encourged to at least find a BBQ joint in the strip mall, called Bar-b-Cutie.  It was dinner time and my wife and kids had agreed to BBQ for dinner, so we ventured inside.

It became apparent pretty quickly that we were in a franchised joint.  Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but you definitely loose some of the quaintness of a local joint.  The joint served up BBQ that would do in a pinch, but it just doesn’t live up to the place that used to stand in that spot.  The BBQ was okay, the sides were disappointing, but the sweet tea was good!
Here’s my run down of Bar-B-Cutie:

* BBQ – B-
* Side Dishes – C
* Atmosphere – B
* Value – B
* Overall – B-


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