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Cozy Corner
745 N. Parkway
Memphis, TNĀ  38105


Cozy Corner Memphis


I was in town visiting my friends at the local Fleet Feet running store. These guys know their barbecue and are the reason we went to Cozy Corner. I would never have found it without their help. If you need anything associated with running in the Memphis area, check’em out, they’re good guys. (shameless plug)

Remember the scene in Animal House where the white guys show up at the black party and the record skips? That was us walking into Cozy Corner. Don’t get me wrong, everyone was welcoming and perfectly nice, but this was not your typical barbecue place in the suburbs. This was true, honest, Memphis barbecue. I’m pretty sure it is family run (I’m guessing), kids were happily running around, the sweet tea made my grandmothers taste like water (and most of her kids have lost their teeth, so….) and I could only understand about 15% of the conversation going on near the counter. It’s a great place, one you wish you were cool enough to hang out in.

Cozy Corner BBQ Memphis

A sign on the wall says that all barbecue sandwiches are served with coleslaw on the sandwich. In other words, that’s the way its done here. As you can see from my pic, they were not kidding. I get excited for little differences and this was one of them. The other was their choice of bread. They serve their sandwiches on hoggie rolls that are warm and slightly crusty. Nice touch. So the sandwich was excellent. By far the best part of the meal.

The beans were OK. There was a taste to them that nobody could pick out. A little too sweet. Maybe too much brown sugar? Who knows, tasted like onions too. Just off. And the corn was simply not good. Dry and cooked near smoke. The taste of smoke in the corn was more than the taste of corn.

As we left, my friend Feb mentioned that he didn’t feel sick like you sometimes do when you leave a barbecue restaurant that serves fatty pork. That was another thing, they did an excellent job when pulling the pork. Definitely check this place out, skip the sides, and get there before noon when the lunch rush hits.

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