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BBQ Shack
2122 S Brannon Stand Rd (corner of Brannon Stand and Fortner)
Dothan, AL 36305


Dothan BBQ Shack

    Dothan is a nice sized city with several BBQ places.  Riding around town I saw one place with potential which was Dobb’s Barbecue and another place that could be mistaken for a pizza parlor named Smokey Joe’s.  Southeast Alabama is not necessarily known for lots of quality bbq joints so when I learned of a place that was owned by two North Carolinians I figured it was worth a visit.  The BBQ Shack is just outside Dothan in a growing area just west of town.  It is a gray cinder-block building with covered picnic tables outside, a big kitchen and pit in the back and a very small eating area inside.  As you get out of your car, the smoke hits you in the face and warms the soul.  From the outside, it has all the characteristics of a good bbq dive.  As you walk inside the first things you notice are the quaint décor and the dozen or so of bbq sauces on each table.
I did not see a paper menu but written on two white boards on the wall were a daily special and the everyday lunch specials which were an entrée, 2 sides and drink for $7.25.  The choice of entrees included a pulled pork plate, chicken fingers, rib tips, chicken salad, bbq, fried green tomato sandwiches, hamburger steak and a couple others.  The sides were your standard fare:  fries, baked potato, green beans, turnips, mac n cheese, onion rings, side salad etc.  They also offered eight flavors of ice cream.

bbq shack dothan

I chose the pulled pork with mac n cheese and turnips.  It came with a slice of white bread and two hushpuppies.  You order at the register and then sit at one of the few tables inside or out.  Sitting down you are automatically drawn to the nine different bottles of sauce on each table.  Basic tomato-based sauces were labeled Sweet, Mild, Medium and Hot.  Mustard based sauces with the same levels of heat and one North Carolina vinegar-based sauce referred to as “butt” sauce.  Using the white bread for sampling, I decided I like the regular Hot sauce mixed with the Butt sauce.  The mustard based sauces were a little to thick for my liking and didn’t have enough tanginess.
My lunch was delivered to my table and my immediate impression was that the portions were a little small.  I typically don’t gorge myself on lunch anyway so this wasn’t a big deal.  The pulled pork tasted pretty good.  It didn’t have a whole lot of smoky flavor but was tender and when mixed with the regular Hot and Butt sauces was good.  The turnips were very good but the mac n cheese did not taste homemade and the hushpuppies were not crispy and were a bit plain.  If I return, I would probably avoid the sides and extras and just try the ribs, chicken or pulled pork.  I also really liked all the sauce options.

Bradley Ezell

10 Responses to “BBQ Shack – Dothan, Alabama – Bradley Ezell”

  1. on 01 Jul 2009 at 9:23 pm Rene

    Im from Panama City Fla. But I was raised on North Carolina bbq. I have also tried the BBQ Shacks food. And I can tell you it is the closest and the best I’ve found in Dothan. As to the portion sizes it is about the same as everywhere else. The owners of the place are fantastic people. They gave me a sample of there fried green tomatoes and there baby back ribs.. And man are they FANTASTIC. I personally love the shack sauce “butt sauce” It stays true to the flavors of NC bbq. There banana pudding and peach cobbler are really good too. Definitely a great place to try!!!!

  2. on 03 Nov 2009 at 1:04 pm Jim

    I’ll actually be in the neighborhood in a week or 2 and definitely will be stopping in. Remember the name

  3. on 30 Dec 2009 at 1:15 am Shannon

    Shame on you for not trying Dobb’s! =) I am from San Diego, but have been visiting my grandparents over the state line in Fl for over 30 years. We dont let a trip go by without going to Dobb’s for Brunswick Stew and a pork sandwich. My husband just got back from a trip and packed in the suitcase was some frozen stew for me since I couldnt go this time. Makes me want to hop on a plane right now just to get some fresh! Next time you are in that area, make sure to stop by Dobb’s! =)


  4. on 30 Mar 2010 at 7:58 pm Steve

    South Alabama is lacking in good BBQ and this is no difference. The variety of sauces can’t make up for the poor quality taste of the bbq itself. Good bbq needs no sauce and the flavor of the meat should speak for itself. Thats not the case here.

  5. on 11 May 2010 at 8:42 pm Rochelle

    Best BBQ I’ve ever had was in Little Rock, Arkansas, at Whole Hog Cafe. You gotta try it if you have the chance. Their pulled chicken is awesome but so is everything else. Love their sides, too. Sweet tea, BBQ and cole slaw, on my goodness, its just mouth-watering. Wish they had one of those in Tampa!

  6. on 30 May 2010 at 3:02 pm Shauna

    Out of all of the bbq places in southern alabama I would have to say that Dobb’s is the best but BBQ Shack comes in a close second. I use to work there as a cook for a good while and really liked the ingredients that make the pork so tasteful.

  7. on 28 Jan 2011 at 5:15 pm whitney

    I’m from Dothan, and everyone here knows that the best BBQ you can get in dothan comes from BBQ shack. Dobbs is a total joke, it used to be decent 50 years ago maybe, but it totally sucks now. Not many people from Dothan even eat at Dobbs and the only people keeping it open is tourist. Good thing you didn’t go there or you really would have been disssapointed!

  8. on 10 Feb 2011 at 12:29 pm TZavitz

    I agree with you, Whitney…. Dobb’s is a joke – real dissappointment! BBQ Shack is where it’s at! They have the BEST BBQ!

  9. on 13 May 2011 at 5:47 pm gwen

    Looking for the best bbq on the gulf coast? Get fed at “The Shed” in Ocean Springs, MS !!!

  10. on 02 Dec 2011 at 1:27 pm Chrissa

    There is no good or decent BBQ in the Dothan area. I have lived in many states, and NC, KS and TX have top notch BBQ on every corner. Dobbs may be an institution, but it is not good. BBQ Shack is okay, not great. My desire is for ONE BBQ master to open a place here and cook the best of each great BBQ from each state. Beef Brisket is an ignored food here, so some decent beef brisket, Texas style would be great, Carolina pork sammies and KC ribs. Add some hulihuli chicken, Hawaiian style and grilled fish tacos and the place would be crammed full from open til close accomadating all o fus, and all of the military folks from Rucker. Please, any enterprising BBQ guys out there ready to being Dothan some amazing BBQ?

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