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 Daddy D’z BBQ Joint

Daddy Dz BBQ

Before hitting the Ted for a day game versus the Marlins last week, a group of us stopped by the ‘famed’ Atlanta BBQ spot known as Daddy D’z for a pre-game lunch.  I had heard ravings about the ribs, so I ordered them up with sides of beans and potato salad.  The sides were great, and the cornbread served with my meal was really good; I am a cornbread junkie.  The ribs were honestly disappointing, though…reminded me of Fatt Matt’s in that they were fatty and not my style.  There is a reason that we do not have a review of Fatt Matt’s on the blog…sorry guys.  To remind you, I grew up on Dreamland ribs, and I like to work a little for the meat; these you can shake the meat and fat off the bone.  It’s just not my style, but I know that some folks really go for them…you know what opinions are like.  So anyway, I love the joint itself…an old house of a restaurant with an interior patio-like room where they set up the bands.  Inside is a cozy little room with a big screen for games and what not; it definitely has character and is really close to Turner Field.  I think my crew liked their food for the most part, and I would go back to try the pork.

Daddy DZ BBQ


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  1. on 12 Aug 2009 at 10:09 am Chris Rockett

    Next time try the pulled pork!! I question whether any BBQ review can really be complete without trying the pulled pork. Oh, and the collard greens are worth a blog of their own!

  2. on 25 May 2010 at 6:38 pm Dana

    Hi ya’ll…yes I’m a southern gal. I’m trying to find out what happened to the best BBQ place I had ever eaten at in my life. (And I’ve eaten all over the U.S.) Used to be in Decatur and has been gone about 2.5 years now..Baker’s BBQ and Country Buffet. The ribs were to die for…….they were so good and rubbed with seasonings, you didn’t even need the sauce. I would take the sauce home and fix chicken breasts with it on another day. They fell off the bone..were big, thick, juicy ribs with lots of meat on them. She was self-publishing a cook book, due out the next month, when she disappeared. It was a fmily owned place…fresh cooked veges and homemade desserts like peach cobbler. Sigh….I miss the place. I went there for 17 years!
    Would any of ya’ll happen to know what happened or where they went to? OR where I can get my hands on that cookbook of hers….
    Really appreciate the help. Also, recommend a good rib place…I like the pork (fattier) ribs, that have a chunky dry rub on them…and then sauce too! Prefer the red sauces…not sweet or too much vinegar in them.
    Thanks a bunch!

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