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KC Pit Barbecue


When I look for a barbecue restaurant, I usually look for one resembling an old shack. A kitchy sign that incorporates a pig is also a good indicator, and entering through a screen door is a plus; so I was skeptical about KC’s. It’s VERY nice by barbecue standards… think Houstons. Even the menus were bound and classy. So I figured I was about to get an average meal dressed up on nice dinnerware. I was wrong. The meal was excellent, and so was the service. (and so was the company. I was on a date, and she wasn’t asleep. Score one for Matt)

I got the burnt ends plate. I’ve mentioned in other posts that I like the crispy pieces of barbecue, so I was happy to see they had a burnt ends plate. They gave me a large portion, the pieces were chopped is small bite size pieces, there was hardly any fat anywhere, and it was not dry. I was impressed. The large piece of toast had butter on it, but it wasn’t soaked. I ate it and didn’t get that “why did I eat all the Texas toast” feeling. And my side of mashed potatoes was awesome. They were a little chunky with skin included. Perfect. I spent my meal getting more and more excited as I made my way around my plate. Good times. (my date liked hers too. It was even her idea to eat barbecue. +3)

I wish I could remember the name of our server to give him credit, but I want to add that he knew the menu and clearly loved barbecue. He also had an infectious personality that made the meal even more enjoyable. So if you want to eat barbecue, but you need to go somewhere nice, or you just want to eat good barbecue, I recommend you try KC’s.

 KC Pit Barbecue
6317 Roswell Rd., NE
Sandy Springs, GA  30328

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