Porky’s Pride Smoke House – Fultondale – Matt Booth

Porky’s Pride Smoke House
2516 Walker Chapel Rd.
Fultondale, AL 35068

After a week of sales calls in Alabama, I’m driving back to Atlanta and looking for a place to eat barbecue. I saw Porky’s billboard on 65 and exited. This is what I saw as I pulled up.
Exactly what I was hopping for. Homemade signage, check. Outdoor family style seating, check. No stucco on the building, check. This was perfect.
Inside I noticed something I don’t normally see in barbecue places, cleanliness. The place was spotless, and I’m pretty sure the owners were working the counter. They asked me if I was traveling, I said yes, and they asked that I sign in. I glanced over the list of names and they were from everywhere. I ordered a pulled pork plate at the counter from the very nice people working there, grabbed some sweet tea, and sat down. This is what it looked like inside. Another bad pic, sorry. (Having issues this week)

The place was both a barbecue restaurant and a shrine to Nick Saban. After a week of not finding good barbecue, I was extremely excited. The food came and it was…pretty good.
I wanted to like it so bad. I like everything about the place and kept second guessing myself, but it just wasn’t that good. (Again, I don’t have a pic of the meal. The second meal pic not to come out this week. My apologies.) Here’s a break down.

Potato Salad – Very creamy with a slight crunch. There was so much mayo that the potato bits had gotten really soft. It tasted fine, but nothing special. Nothing stood out about it. It was a side that gives you the feeling there is a stack of empty Costco potato salad cartons in the back.

Baked Beans – They tasted like canned baked beans that had been cooked with a little bacon. Again, not bad, and I’m looking for silver linings because so much of the place won me over, but they just weren’t that great. I could have made them and I’m not a good cook.

BBQ – They use a tomato based sauce and it has a good smoked taste to it. There was a good amount of sauce, and it was a little crispy on the edges. (One of my favorite things) The BBQ was the highlight and it was pretty good. Good enough that I would go back if I lived in Fultondale, but I won’t make any special effort to stop by. I wanted to love something about this place, and they had strawberry pudding, which I’ve never had, so I got it.

Strawberry Pudding – A ton of wafers (filling), didn’t taste very fresh, creamy and bland. Dangit! I was hoping for something to brag on, but it didn’t happen.

My overall impression was surprise. It had all the makings of a good barbecue place, but everything I ate tasted store bought/premade. I looked online at the yahoo local’s review and everyone is giving this place 5 stars, so maybe I hit it on a bad day.

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