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Texas Roadhouse


Before I say anything about Texas Roadhouse, I need to get something off my chest about GPS systems. I know this is a blog about barbecue and not GPS, so I promise to make this short.

If you are in the market for an in-dash GPS system, avoid the AVIC-F90 from Pioneer. It sucks. I won’t waste your time with reasons (like incredibly slow start up time and consistently taking you to places that don’t exist), but it does, and because of this system, I ended up at Texas Roadhouse while in Nashville the other day. I’m sure there are many fantastic barbecue places in Nashville, but I haven’t found them yet thanks to my &%$@ GPS system. Ok, onto the crap it lead me too.
To be fair, I was not happy when I pulled up. I had driven to two places that didn’t exist, (thanks Pioneer! I just bought this thing so don’t claim an old map!), it was 9pm, I was tired and had to poop, but I was going to eat barbecue. When I saw I was about to eat at a chain, I wasn’t happy, but I decided that they deserve a review as well, so what the hell. After all, sometimes a group of chains may be your only choice, so it’s good to know which ones to go to. Texas Roadhouse is not one of them.
The service was incredibly slow. When she arrived, she was nice, smiled, and made some decent excuses, but very slow. Generally I don’t care as long as the barbecue is good, I’m just sayin…
I took a picture of my meal, but for some reason it did not come out (my apologies) so let me try to describe it. Whenever you see a picture of food, its not actually food, just a shiny substitute that looks good in pictures. (you know this I’m sure) Well, the plate looked like fake food. The sweet potato was really dry, there was no bread, (what?!) and the barbecue was in huge chunks. It was tender, and tasted decent, but I’m not sure why they would not want to break it up. Maybe I’m not aware of certain style of barbecue where you serve it in the form of a tenderloin. Taste? Imagine you find yourself with some really bad meat and can’t replace it, so you cook it and cover it with sauce. Bingo, you just ate at Roadhouse. I get it, they have tons of restaurants and as size goes up, quality goes down, but you really feel like you are taking part in a barbecue restaurant planning focus group when you eat here. And to top it all off, the muzak was horrible. At least two Garth Brooks songs and one Chris Gains.
One last thing, this place is listed on the stock market. I learned that just before I wrote this. My entire review could be, “Texas Roadhouse, listed on the stock market”, and that would have been enough. I’m trying to make a joke about it but its too upsetting.

If anyone knows of a good chain barbecue place, please reply and let us know. I’m not always close to the non-chains when its time to eat and I would love to know of a good safety net.

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