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Carolina Country Barbecue

I recently headed up to Charlotte, North Carolina to do a little research and picture taking for blogs on my Charlotte homes for sale web site. I do go back and forth from Atlanta a decent amount, but have never really partaken in what Charlotte has for choices in BBQ. I hit 2 restaurants in 3 days and I have to say I was not blow away. The first restaurant I will be writing about is on Tyvola road and was called Carolina Country Barbecue. The second restaurant I went to was up in Mooresville, and it was called Lancasters.


Let’s get down to nitty gritty and start with Carolina Country Barbecue. As I drove up, the smoke was billowing out of the building as if It was on fire….and it smelled awesome! I ordered the larger pork plate with fries and bbq beans. The waitress was extremely friendly and did a very good job. She brought out a cup of warm bbq sauce before the meal came. I tried some with my fork and was not super impressed…it was kind of soupy and watered down but with a little after tang. When the pork came though, I understood why the restaurant’s sauce was not over powering; the pork was moist and had a great smokey flavor. Once the sauce went onto the pork and the two flavors came together, I was certainly impressed. As for the sides, I do not normally get fries at a bbq restaurant because of sides like baked beans, Brunswick stew, black eyed peas and pork chili. But one of my fellow bbq fans that eats at this restaurant recommended the ranch fries, and I will have to say they were pretty good. As for the bbq beans at the Carolina Country Barbecue, I was not impressed, but that’s not to say you would not enjoy them…they were just your basic beans. With great service and c+to b- food, I might go back to Carolina Country Barbecue in Charlotte after I try a few more local favorites.

838 Tyvola Rd
Charlotte, NC 28217
(704) 525-0337

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