Rolling Bones – Atlanta – Wes Taft

A Fine Take on a Southern Tradition – Rolling Bones

Ever in search of the perfect Barbecue, last week my cohorts and I ventured to this bastion of the Pit near downtown Atlanta to put it to the test. And despite the lack of ample parking and car alarm friendly surroundings, our palates were left satiated and ready for a return visit. The venue itself is a converted gas station, very clean and cozy, offering both walk up service and locked restrooms. Both mine and another friend’s meals consisted of a flavorful beef brisket sandwich. It was delicately smoked, efficiently chopped and doused in a spicy, yet mildly sweet sauce that Rolling Bones BBQ generously piled on two slices of Texas toast…only to be later consumed open-faced or face the consequences. This was complimented by a side of delicious mustard-based potato salad, which left very little to be desired.

My other dining partner had his fill on a set of meaty looking pork ribs which garnered no complaints, along with a side of flavorful looking baked beans chocked full of chopped pork pieces for extra flavor. Let it not go unspoken that the meal was washed down by all with a nearly perfect glass of sweet tea, steeped properly and with just the right amount of sugar to please your average Southerner (real ones, not the recently arrived). To finish off the meal, 2/3 of our party indulged in the restaurant’s peach cobbler, which was almost good to the last bite, but could use a little help from heat and a scoop of ice cream if they were inclined to offer them in the future.

Overall, a great meal was shared by three friends with help from the sunny weather, and this establishment needs little, if any help at all. 4/5



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