Hog Heaven – Nashville, Tennessee BBQ

Hog Heaven in Nashville


Talk about a BBQ restaurant moving up to the top of the list quickly! We were up in Nashville to work on my Nashville Homes for Sale web sites and to celebrate Halloween with a Drive by Truckers Show at the Ryman. Talk about a perfect day. We enjoyed Fat Tire and other New Belgium beers (yes, you can buy them in Tennessee now) and sat on Music row enjoying the cool October weather. This is going to be a 2 person Blog since Brad Nevin and I both went and were both pretty blown away.

My Take
Hog Heaven came highly recommended from a fellow BBQ connoisseur who is also an old college friend from Ole Miss and a Nashville Native. Thanks to Jay Sheridan, we enjoyed a great BBQ meal that was all it was cracked up to be. Hog Heaven is what bbq restaurants should be like…straight to the point, nothing fancy – good bbq with great options for sides. The white sauce is not for everyone but I thought it was awesome. I have had other white sauces (Moe’s in Birmingham) and Hog heaven’s sauce was a little spicier with a tad of a kick. The beans were great as well; I think beans really complement a great pork sandwich and these did the trick! If you read my blogs, you will see that one thing I am really picky about is the sauce smothering the pork… but the white sauce and the good portion of moist pork made for a perfectly already sauced sandwich. Gotta love the amount of pickles they gave us when I asked for a couple extra…that was a real nice touch. I will be back!
Brad’s Take

Halloween 2008 included a trip to Nashville for some BBQ and a visit to the historic Ryman Auditorium…home of the Grand Ole Opry. The Drive By Truckers were in town, and it was a good excuse to get out of Atlanta and hit some Honkey Tonks. As we arrived, my buddy had a good tip to stop by Hog Heaven for lunch…this place is cool! You walk up to a screened in eating area with a couple of picnic tables and a counter to place your order. I got a beef brisket sammy with black eyed peas…it was on point. Good sauce, good meat, and the veggies were right on. I had to go back for a little peach cobbler afterwards, and was quite satisfied. I really like this place for its convenience and location. You walk up, order your food and then head over to the park which is right across the side street from where Hog Heaven is positioned. There is a local watering hole right next door if you need a beer, and TN was just invaded by New Belgium products, one of our favorite breweries. After some Q, we grabbed several bombers of Fat Tire, Mothership Wit etc and started the pregame. The concert was typical loud, sweaty DBT fury, and it was another solid trip in the books. Back to the point though, Hog Heaven is a true BBQ lover’s delight, and I recommend it highly. It’s fast, delicious and the name says it all.

Also here is a little perk for reading the blog. A link to an online coupon from Hog Heaven.

115 27th Ave N
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 329-1234

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  1. on 15 Jul 2009 at 9:49 am Mark

    I’ve gone there for years! I used to travel to Nashville monthly (calling on Tower Records and other music accounts). Hog Heaven is located near the former location of the Tower West End Store. Great sandwiches, no frills kinda place. Very popular lunch spot for the locals on the fly. Limited picnic bench seating. Just pop across the street to the park and enjoy the weather.

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