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topps BBQ memphis

I was in Memphis a few weeks ago, meeting with a friend of mine that was rolling out his new consulting business – JMS Strategies – and thought I would stop in and have a quick lunch at Tops.

Tops BBQ in Memphis, Tennessee is simple, to the point, go-to BBQ. Over all, I would not rank it as one of my favorites, but I would go back if I was in the area. I will get on a memphis bbqquick soapbox and say that some of the newer Bar-b-cue restaurants around the south like Fox Brothers (Atlanta) and Moe’s (Birmingham) really are doing it right. They seem to go out of their way to provide a larger portion of meat, oversized sides and allow you to put your own sauce on the sandwich….Ok back to Tops… One particularly nice thing about the large pork sandwich I got was that they really made a point to include some of the crunchy parts of the pork. The beans were good as well, but the portions could have been a little larger and they were a little soupy for my taste. All in all Tops in Memphis is worth stopping by for a quick, cost effective bbq lunch.

If you are going to go check out Tops in Memphis, be sure and print out this coupon for a free sandwich…better hurry because it expires at the end of the year! coupon

3970 Rhodes Ave

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  1. on 24 Mar 2010 at 1:19 pm T Pirani

    Tops do have good BBQ. But the one over by bass pro shop at macon road is one of the worst places to eat cant get the order right and all FAT in the meat a waste of money,,, to bad mind was a to go order i would have ask for my money back wouldnt even give that to my dog

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