KC Pit BBQ – Jason Key

As I pulled into the parking lot of KC Pit BBQ, I received a call from a very confused Justin Schoendorf.  He was already inside and reviewing a menu that can only be described as “all the meats except BBQ”  or more specifically, “all the bone-on meats”.  After I entered we both spent a good 10 mins in a state of pure befuddlement.   There was nothing on the menu that I felt qualified as BBQ.  They had chicken breast, ribs, beef tips, rib tips, brisket, fried fish, shrimp, and more.  Finally we found a “lunch menu” section and noticed that they had a “chopped pork plate”.  WOW.  I asked for the sauce on the side and sides of slaw and mac&cheese.  When the plate came, it was the strangest looking BBQ I had ever seen.  It was not chopped in the fashion that I am accustomed, but rather in large cube-like chunks.  Taking a bite of this Q was a different experience, but I was VERY impressed with the flavor of the meat.  KC BBQ wet-marinades their meat over night, prior to smoking it in a pit.  I could definitely taste the deep marinated flavor and sweet, smoky taste.
Although I was impressed with the flavor of the meat, after a few bites I began notice a serious problem.  The reason that this meat did not appear chopped in the usual BBQ context, was that this was not a shoulder or butt.  This was a completely different cut of the pig that was much fattier.  This meat was not slow cooked for hours, but grilled and chopped – the leaner parts were plenty tender, but there were way too many chunks of pure porkfat.  I began thinking that these were leftover ribs that had been cut off the bone and chopped up….  They had 2 sauces, both were tomato based, but much better than Kraft – they tasted home made.  Once was spicy, the other sweeter.  They accented the very fatty and flavorful meat well.
So in review, the flavor and smoke of the meat was indeed impressive, I only wish they had utilized these cooking styles on better cuts of meat.  My sides were crap.  The mac&cheese was kraft and the slaw was mayonnaise.  The service was good/standard.  I will not be going back.
Meat:  6
Sauce: 5
Sides: 1
Service: 6
Overall: 5

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