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Review: Flavors BBQ

With a new day, hope springs eternal. And, after yesterday’s failed excursion I was hopeful that I’d find better eats at a place called Flavors in South St. Louis.
Before I got to the door, I spotted what appeared to be a Southern Pride cooker out back and I could smell the smoke. That’s always a good sign.
When we walked in, I found what is quite possibly the nicest BBQ joint I’ve ever been in. All that was missing was white table clothes and fine wine. This place was very nicely decorated and spotless. I wouldn’t have been surprised If I’d been handed a fine Italian or French menu, but I was really happy that what I got was pure BBQ.
My lunch mates ordered up the pork plates and I went for the brisket. What we received were huge portions of the respective BBQ dinners with 2 sides for less than $10. Quite a value!
The pork was very good, some of the best in town. The brisket was close, but the fact that the fat cap wasn’t trimmed either pre or post cook meant that I received quite bit of fat on my brisket slices. Other than that, the meat was very good.
The side dishes were a mixed bag. My lunch mates really enjoyed a baked potato as a side dish, but being a purist I went for baked beans. What I got resembled a doctored up can of pork and beans. I wish there’d been a little more love and care in the side dishes as there was in the BBQ.  Additionally, there was only 1 sauce on the table and I’d swear that it was Sweet Baby Ray’s in a nondescript bottle.
Here’s how I’d rate my trip to Flavors BBQ
Atmostphere – A+
Sides – C
Sauce – C
Value – A
Overall – B
I really enjoyed my visit.  I’ll definitely go back, but Flavors BBQ could be a couple of sides and an original sauce away from making my list of the best BBQ joints in St. Louis.
Oh, and the did have sweet tea!  😉
Flavor’s BBQ
(314) 533-1288
Manchester Rd
St Louis, MO 63110

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