Bar-B-Cutie – Nashville, Tennessee – Matt Booth

501 Donelson Pike
Nashville, TN

Let’s say you were traveling on a business trip, got on your GPS
in hopes of finding some barbque for dinner, and came across
“Bar-B-Cutie”. Would you not think you were in for the barbque
version of Hooters? I did but was sorely disappointed.

For barbque karma sake, let me say one nice thing before I lay down my feelings on this place. There was one person on staff who, once they realized I was there, could not have been nicer.

First of all, this is a restaurant where you order at the
counter. So even if they did have “cuties” working there, they would most likely be in the back on the grill. (I’m thinking statistically. One person taking orders up front, the rest in the back.) When I walked in, nobody realized I was there for a good 3-5 minutes. To their
credit, it was 8:45, so maybe there weren’t expecting anyone. They came
out, took my order, and I sat down and waited. In the mean time I
washed up and the restroom was brutal. I realize this is a barbque review
and not a clean bathroom review, but holy smokes it was bad!

The food comes out and….well…look at the pick. That was taken
right after it hit the table, not halfway through the meal. Really?
That’s it? I know its brisket but come on. The meat tasted very dry
like it had been cooked during the dinner rush and just sat around
waiting for a traveling salesman to come through. The collards were OK, and
the baked apples tasted like someone did a decent job of picking the
best canned variety available. To top it off, it was clear that the
portions were measured. I HATE THIS! Restaurants are in the
business to make money and this can’t happen if food is wasted, but come
on…tease me, serve it in a way that at least does not make it
obvious that it was measured out.

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