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Saws BBQ – Homewood, AL – Wade Wilson

A disclaiming preface to my first blog entry: I am by no means an expert, but I am a self-professed aficionado of barbecue:   Politics, religion, and barbecue discussions can get you into trouble in the Southeast United States. There is such a plethora of regional (and sub-regional) variations of barbecue and barbecue sauces. Different […]

Moe’s Original Bar B Que and Blues Revue – Birmingham

  Moe’s Original Bar B Que and Blues Revue is proud to announce its opening at 731 29th Street South in the former Lakeview Oyster House location in Birmingham, AL. Featuring award-winning Bama-style BBQ smoked over hard wood served with two unique sauces, the restaurant also prepares eight to ten traditional Southern sides and tasty […]

Moe’s Original Bar B Que– Vestavia Location in Birmingham – Brad Nevin

Moe’s Original Bar B Que– Vestavia Location in Birmingham, AL Let me start this review by saying that Moe’s is the REAL DEAL. It originated in my home town of Tuscaloosa, AL in 1988, and then relocated to Vail, CO when the three Bama grad owners moved out west. Moe’s can now be found in Eagle […]

Moe’s Original BBQ – Bradley Ezell

Moe’s Original BBQ Moe’s Orange Beach location The Moe’s chain is quickly becoming one of my favorite BBQ joints. I have eaten at the Moe’s in Orange Beach, AL twice since it opened a while back, and most recently visited the newest location in the Rocky Ridge area of Birmingham. The local fishwrapper also had […]