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Blues City Cafe – Memphis, TN – Crash

Blues City Cafe – Memphis, TN There are few moments in life where everything seems at peace and no matter where you are; it was if at that moment you were exactly where you were supposed to be.  It’s at these moments that you feel that you belong to something bigger than yourself and you […]

Gridley’s Fine Bar-B-Q – Bartlett, TN – Crash

Gridley’s Fine Bar-B-Q In a town of big name BBQ places such as, Rendezvous, Corky’s, and Neely’s, it’s easy for some small gems to get lost in the mix.  It seems as though these places have been around forever and the old and wise still keep the young and arrogant in their place by serving […]

Fat Larry’s BBQ & Southern Favorites – Bartlett, TN – Crash

   Fat Larry’s    Walking into Fat Larry’s and trying to decide if it’s a Meat and 3 that serves BBQ or a BBQ joint that offers a wide variety of veggies is like trying to figure out if your intelligent girlfriend is smokin’ hot or if your gorgeous beau is brilliant…it really doesn’t matter, […]

Rendezvous – Memphis, TN – Braddog

Rendezvous – Memphis, TN     I’m reluctant to even write a review of the Rendezvous in Memphis, TN as I’m sure that it’s been done many times given their reputation.  But, why stop now when I take every chance I get to review a new BBQ joint. I can usually coerce my family into […]

Tops Bar-B-Q – Memphis, TN – Matt Booth

Tops Bar-B-Q  – Memphis, TN   I was back in barbeque heaven a week ago and looking for a local place to eat. I wound up at Tops, which has multiple locations, fast service (they have a drive through), and a long history. (Opened in 1952) I was excited as I figured any restaurant that […]