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Gibson’s Bar-B-Q – Axel Tegtmeier – Huntsville, AL

Gibson’s Bar-B-Q (Huntsville, AL, Whitesburg Drive) The Gibsons are for BBQ in Northern Alabama what the Kennedys are for politics in New England – not only a dynasty, but an aristocracy.It all began in Decatur, Alabama in the 1920s, when Big Bob Gibson began cooking BBQ in his backyard and soon after opened a regular […]

Greenbrier Bar-B-Que – Axel Tegtmeier – Huntsville, AL

Greenbrier Bar-B-Que There are actually two places in Greenbrier, a small farming community a few miles west of Huntsville, where you can get your Bar-B-Que fix – the Greenbrier Restaurant is located in, well, “downtown” Greenbrier, whereas the Greenbrier Bar-B-Que is next to the Greenbrier Exit (3) of I-565, on old Hwy 20. Although they […]

Golden Rule Bar-B-Q – Madison, AL – Axel Tegtmeier

Golden Rule Bar-B-Q The Golden Rule Bar-B-Q in Madison, AL belongs to a franchise of 15 restaurants across Alabama, and soon also in Georgia. While there is certainly nothing wrong in spreading out from humble beginnings, when you have a good product and the chance to grow, more often then not, a franchise does not […]

The Smokehouse – Greenville, AL – Bradley Ezell

The Smokehouse I-65, Exit 128   Greenville, AL     Anyone who has traveled I-65 in southern Alabama has heard of/seen/eaten at the Smokehouse.  For my money, it’s the only place to stop for food during that whole boring 165 mile stretch between Montgomery and Mobile.  I decided to stop there one Friday on a […]

Saws BBQ – Homewood, AL – Wade Wilson

A disclaiming preface to my first blog entry: I am by no means an expert, but I am a self-professed aficionado of barbecue:   Politics, religion, and barbecue discussions can get you into trouble in the Southeast United States. There is such a plethora of regional (and sub-regional) variations of barbecue and barbecue sauces. Different […]