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Flavors BBQ – St Louis, MO – Braddog

Review: Flavors BBQ With a new day, hope springs eternal. And, after yesterday’s failed excursion I was hopeful that I’d find better eats at a place called Flavors in South St. Louis. Before I got to the door, I spotted what appeared to be a Southern Pride cooker out back and I could smell the […]

Pappy’s Smokehouse – St. Louis, MO – Braddog

Pappy’s Smokehouse A recent story on the Travel Channel made me aware of a BBQ restaurant in my own backyard that I had yet to try.  Apparently, the restaurant has won Best BBQ in St. Louis by a couple of local publications.  I guess I really gotta pay more attention to what’s going on in […]

The Plush Pig Barbeque Saloon- St. Louis, MO – Braddog

The Plush Pig, St. Louis, MO Due to changes in traffic patterns I recently altered my route on my commute to work, only to discover a BBQ restaurant that I’d previously overlooked. The crazy thing is that this place is only a few blocks from my office. So, today a co-worker and I ventured out […]