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Flavors BBQ – St Louis, MO – Braddog

Review: Flavors BBQ With a new day, hope springs eternal. And, after yesterday’s failed excursion I was hopeful that I’d find better eats at a place called Flavors in South St. Louis. Before I got to the door, I spotted what appeared to be a Southern Pride cooker out back and I could smell the […]

Michelbob’s BBQ – Naples, FL – Braddog

Review: Michelbob’s BBQ, Naples, FL My folks are snow birds and spend most of the winter in South Florida.  They’ve often spoken about a BBQ place that they like called Michelbob’s.  They’ve even brought me a jar of their rub, which I enjoyed.  I reviewed their rub here. Well finally I had the chance to […]

PM BBQ – Chesterfield, MO – Braddog

Review: PM BBQ – Chesterfield, MO   I often venture into the Chesterfield Valley for lunch when I’m working out of St. Charles County office.  I’ve been watching and waiting for this place to open.  I noticed that their sign was up some time ago and they were opening soon.  So today, I finally had […]

Rendezvous – Memphis, TN – Braddog

Rendezvous – Memphis, TN     I’m reluctant to even write a review of the Rendezvous in Memphis, TN as I’m sure that it’s been done many times given their reputation.  But, why stop now when I take every chance I get to review a new BBQ joint. I can usually coerce my family into […]

Shorty Smalls – Branson, MO – Braddog

The 4th of July weekend usually consists of me spending lots of time tending the cooker and enjoying some time out of the office.  However, this year we had a last minute change of plans and headed out of town.  So, for July 4th BBQ I found myself at a BBQ restaurant that I located […]